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Troy Vernon


Trading has become more than just a career choice I made, it’s become a very rewarding journey, and a life style, one I had no idea I would experience when I took that risk to start trading full time. I have since grown two large communities to try help others achieve what I have. I approach all things in life with a touch of Philosophy, trading, building my communities and sharing knowledge is all a great representation of that.
A quote I live by is:

“A society grows great, when old men plant trees

whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”
– Greek Proverb

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Private Community

The private trading community is hosted on a forum based application called Discord. Within this community there are currently over 6,800 members. 

This private community has been running now for 3 years. During this time it has continued to grow and evolve with the markets. 

Many traders are now self-sufficient, and also lend their experience and knowledge with the new comers. The community is built around being realistic, and growing as traders. Profit is just a bi-product of that.

By being a member of the private trading community, you’ll be given access to the following:

– Mentored and Trained by Trader Troy.
– 24/7 Active Thriving Community.
– Step by Step Trading Strategies.
– Large range of Trading Materials.
– Access to Trader Troy’s Trading Guide.
– Access to frequent live streams.
– Access to constant market updates.
– Trade Signals.
– When Trader Troy is taking profit.
– and much, much more.

To Join, Follow the steps below.

  1. Download and Install the Discord application. It’s available on Smart Phones, Tablets and on PC & Mac.

  2. Join the [Bear + Bull] Discord Server by clicking here.

  3. Make payment in Cryptocurrency to one of the following wallet addresses for the total amount of which subscription you wish to purchase:
    (Please note there may be transfer fees involved, so to attempt to cover those also.)

    Bitcoin: 1CucGnZbVg6E8gMdt3oMdWnmZiGQU2btgq
    Ethereum: 0xf7f54ebf417fb6a1e021229f9875ddf3dd005014
    Litecoin: LhnfrYKuHoBuUkUfVxXMN4yvf5Kh9u9Zme
    Tether: 0xf7f54ebf417fb6a1e021229f9875ddf3dd005014

  4. Once payment has been made, contact TraderTroy#8888 in the Discord server. His name will appear orange in the top right corner of the online user list. You will need to send him the following:

    E-mail Address:
    Subscription paid for:
    TXID/Screenshot of Payment:

  5. Once received, Trader Troy will process the subscription and add you to the private trading community.

    Friendly Tip: Once in, take the time to browse each of the channels within the Discord Server, they all serve their own purpose and will have a lot of information to help you navigate this market, and improve your trading career.

Private Trading Community Testimonials

Online Course

Around 80% of all retail traders fail to become consistently profitable.

There are many tips and tricks to the market, however they’re not going to keep you consistently profitable as the market is forever evolving, as so must you. Trading Strategies don’t work in all market conditions. Knowing when not to trade is just as important as knowing how to trade. Understanding the difference between Technical Analysis and Trading Strategies can keep you out of bad trades. Knowing statistics of trading strategies can keep your strike rate high. These are all things, and much more, that we cover in the Trading Course below. 






Skill Level





Online Trading Course Content

Module 1

  • Reading Candle Stick Patterns
  • Trend Lines
  • Identifying Support and Resistance
  • Double Bottoms and Tops
  • Basic Patterns and Formations

Module 2

  • Supply and Demand Zones
  • Institutional Order Blocks
  • The Magic of Fibonacci
  • Elliott Waves
  • Swing Trade Strategy

Module 3

  • Trading the Emotional Market Cycle
  • Oscillating Indicators
  • Ichimoku Cloud
  • Moving Averages
  • Pivots 
  • Swing Trade Strategy

Module 4

  • Basic Bitmex Strategy
  • High Strike Rate Bull Market Strategy
  • Wyckoff Theory
  • Identify Trading Ranges 
  • Accumulation, Distribution and more

Module 5

  • Our Entry and Exit Triggers
  • Building a Strategy from scratch
  • How to define set ups
  • Trading Psychology
  • Risk Minimisation
  • Custom Indicator access and guide

Module 6

  • Advanced Margin trading on Bitmex
  • How to Short the market
  • Hedging Strategy and Futures Trading
  • Key set ups and execution 


How long did the course take to record?

The course was recorded over a 6 week period, two classes a week. Total of 12 videos.

Is there a time limit for access?

There is no time limit on access to videos. You have lifetime access and can proceed through the course as fast or slow as you want. The course is highly detailed and some students may take longer or re-watch multiple times.

How Much Content is there?

There are 12 videos totaling to 26 hours of content. There is extra resources also provided, and covered during the videos.

How do I access the videos?

Once you make payment, you will be sent an e-mail which gives you your password and access to the videos on AltCoinMastery.IO. The videos are listed under the ‘My Membership’ area.

How Much Is the course?

The course is available for $497.00 in $AUD.

How can i edit smart objects ?

Yes, in fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Interested? Click below to purchase.

Online Trading Course Testimonials

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